Our debut album has been released!

The moment’s here! Our album Songs from the Garden has finally officially been released! From now on you can listen to the album on all the digital channels like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. But we also have a physical version of our album for sale. If you’re interested let us know via: info@musicbywander.com and we will make sure you’ll receive it soon! Woohoo!




Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Rietveld Theater, Delft


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Royal Theater, Roermond


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Savelberg Kapel Concert Serie, Heerlen


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Cultuurboerderij, Westelbeers


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Sint Janskerk, Maastricht


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Odapark, Venray


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Theater Onder De Molen, Vorden


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Theaterboerderij Boeket, Nederweert


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Jazz aan de Maas, Swalmen


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Openluchttheater, Velden


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden

Pand P, Eindhoven


Release Tour: Songs from the Garden




WANDER is a trio from the Netherlands consisting of vocalists Babs van Bree,  Renée Steenvoorden and Robbert Suilen. They have composed, arranged, and  performed together since 2019. A few of their notable performances were at the  Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam, Poppodium Grenswerk and Theater de Maaspoort in  Venlo, The Autumn Leaves Jazz Festival and The MIM in Brussels. In September  2021 they start touring with their debut album; “Songs from the Garden”.

Their music is defined as harmonious jazz with a hint of folk music. By combining  powerfully close harmony with experimental improvisation and electric guitar they  create lush layers of sound.

All three studied music throughout Europe, creating an interesting mix of ideas and  styles:

Babs van Bree (1992) studied jazz vocals at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in  Cologne. Babs opens the songs with her warm and defined voice. Improvisation is  her keyword and in WANDER, she encourages the search for experimentation and freedom in the music, making sure that no performance sounds the same. Her songs are recognizable by dreamy ambience and rhythmic statements.

Renée Steenvoorden (1994) studied jazz vocals at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in  Brussels. She has a very powerful and clear voice that flows naturally together with  the voices of Babs and Robbert. You can hear that she has a lot of experience in  choir singing and arranging. Renée’s songs are greatly influenced by Folk music and  her lyrics are like short stories. Transporting you to a film-like world.

Robbert Suilen (1993) studied jazz vocals and guitar at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Apart from singing, he plays guitar and uses effect pedals to create  soundscapes you can dream away on. He trusts greatly on intuition and emotion when playing. His compositions are based on harmonic colour clouds and  metaphoric sentences.

Together WANDER brings an intimacy to the music that is harmonious and delicate. Original compositions and surprising arrangements lead the listener away from crowded cities and into the stillness of nature on a journey through time.

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